Nextcloud Talk
2019, Mar–Aug

Redesign of flows and components for an open-source chat app
Some components of the design system

ContextNextcloud is an open source self-hosted productivity platform ↗ with functionality ranging from Dropbox to Slack. The company has a unique structure: their team is spread across multiple countries, they collaborate with open-source volunteers and they host regularly Hackweeks where they all come together.

ChallengeUnderstanding the system behind Nextcloud and its interdependent apps took some time. This in combination with the mainly digital communication via Github or Nextcloud itself was a very different way of working than I am used to.

OutcomeMy work resulted in the conception of new features. I updated user-flows, provided UI changes and worked on the unification of components for a general design system.

Redesigned: Search for existing conversations or create a new one
Nextcloud Talk is a chat and VOIP client.

TasksOne part of my work was the redesign of certain features of the Nextcloud Talk:

Issue: It's not clear how to start a new chat or creating a new group conversation.
Issue: No differentiation between existing and new chats.

Searching for existing conversations

The updated sidebar has a seperated search bar and a "create conversation" button

Create a new 1:1 conversation

By selecting a contact the chat view appears
A new 1:1 conversation is created after a message has been sent

Create a new group conversation

A new 1:1 conversation is created after a message has been sent

Single reply

Under constructionA more in-depth update follows soon.

Type of work

Redesign, Product Design, Open Source Design

Team & Context

I have worked in parts along Nextcloud Designers and the Nextcloud Talk Team from March 2019 until August 2019 as a Design Volunteer

My role involves

Conception, UX and UI Design, Design System


Jan C. Borchardt ↗

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